We only have to wait around a month until we’re officially in the summer season. It’s time to break out the bikinis, stock up on sunscreen and plan holidays to nearby beaches and exotic countries.


The summer seasons are a great time to play with your appearance. Whether you want a more sophisticated summer look or a cutesy appearance, you can have fun with your beauty and try out new things that you normally wouldn’t. To give you some ideas, here are a few seasonal beauty tips that will help you look your best no matter what styles and appearances you experiment with this summer.


Pick the Right Sunscreen


Most people will just pick whatever sunscreen is on sale and slap it on their bodies. However, it’s important to realize that there are different types of sunscreen for different types of skin. You may need to experiment a little to see what works best, but here is some basic advice. If you have a very fair skin complexion that burns easily in the summer, you’ll need a higher SPF sunscreen. Look for something around the 30 to 40 range, or higher if you’ve had bad experiences in the past. If you have light to medium skin that tans, an SPF of around 15-20 should be ideal for you. Lastly, if you have dark skin, then you’ll want to pick a lower SPF of around 10. Choosing the right sunscreen is paramount for good skin care, so don’t skip this step!


Choose a Bikini for Your Body Shape


The bikini is the most iconic summer item for women all around the world. Thanks to brands like Ultimo bikini, it’s easy to pick up a beautiful bikini that will accentuate your body. However, you need to understand that there are different types of bikinis and each one is best suited for specific body shapes. For example, pear-shaped bodies can have fun with frilly bikinis and halterneck tops, while rectangle-shaped bodies can benefit from feminine prints and bright colours. Picking the right bikini can be hard, so it’s always great to have a second opinion from a friend. Alternatively, make ample use of the changing room in the stores you visit!


Limit the Makeup You Use


You might love your makeup, but it’s a good idea to cut down on how much you use for the summer. Not only does your makeup melt in the blazing sun, but it prevents you from showing off your natural beauty and a sun-kissed look. Reducing the amount of makeup you use can also help you save money and is generally better for your skin. However, if you don’t want to let the makeup go, then a tinted moisturizer is a great start for a summer makeup routine and liquid liner is very effective in summer.


If you want to look your best this summer, then these are some vital tips that will make your appearance shine and also help you keep your skin healthy.