The question most asked about losing weight is what to eat and what to avoid. Whatever weight loss plan you are embarking upon, be it aerobics or weight training, your diet can make or break this journey. While most foods are included in a well-rounded weight loss diet, some simply fall under the ‘no-go zone.’


Fried food and red meat obviously result in weight gain; however, you would be surprised to know that some healthy items too can hamper your efforts to shed some pounds. For effective results, you should avoid these five foods at all costs:




Yes, these simple but delicious potatoes have to stop at least for a while. This must be no news for you that fries are one of the most consumed foods around the world, especially in the US. A British study found that people who eat fries on a regular basis can potentially gain 3 pounds in four years.


Even potato chips are not entirely off the hook in this scenario. Even one serving of chips can add a lot more calories in your body than you would lose in a day. As a result, despite all the exercising, your weight remains the same.



If you are serious about losing weight, the first and foremost thing you need to do is empty all the soda cans in your fridge. These drinks are considered very unhealthy by nutritionists and for the right reasons. They are a galore of sugar and therefore unneeded calories.


A major problem with soda is that your body does not identify it as solid food. And that means you will be eating normal food to get the day’s calories intake. All this sugar would essentially be extra and reverse any effect of exercising.


White Bread


Refined starches like white bread or even crackers have a lot of carbohydrates and do not satisfy your hunger. This makes it harder for your body to lose weight as your adding on calories that do not even make you feel full.


This also goes for cookies and biscuits made from refined starch. Most of these products are also containing high amounts of sugar so snacking on them regularly will most definitely result in weight gain. There are, however, healthy alternatives that are also delicious.


Whole grain bread and biscuits, on the other hand, have fewer calories and feed you well. Not only that, they also provide you with necessary vitamins, fibres, and minerals. Losing weight does not mean losing out on essential minerals or vitamins, so whole grain is your best option.


Processed Meat


Proteins are the number one food when it comes to weight gain; every bodybuilder knows that. However, processed meat can be even more problematic for those who are trying to lose weight. Sausages, bacon, and hot dogs can negatively affect your weight loss regimen.


Proteins are already rich in fat and when they are processed, sodium is also added. Now, sodium can cause fluid retention in the body resulting in increased blood pressure and weight gain.


If you really must eat protein, go for seafood or poultry. They will provide you with enough energy and calories and also not slow down the weight loss process.


Packaged Fruit Juices


If you are wondering aren’t fruit juices healthy, they sure are. However, most fruit juices found in supermarkets are rich in sugar and are, therefore, loaded with calories. Do not think that a glass of juice is the same as the fruit. There are additives in the juice that are safe but high in calories.


The fruit itself is a much better option for those watching their weight. You get the same juice but with fibres and your stomach will feel full. This is why fruits are an essential part of weight loss diets as they provide you with the necessary energy and do not have any access to calories.


If you want to drink juice, you can squeeze it out from fruits yourself. It is super easy to get the juice out of fruits like orange, apples, and peaches. And if you can get fresh fruit, it gets all the better.

Weight Loss Supplements


Many people are trying to lose weight by consuming fat burner supplements or even buying legal steroids, but sadly it’s just waste of many. Before buying any supplements, make sure you do your research.

Weight loss requires an unwavering commitment and that includes saying goodbye to some of the things you enjoy eating, at least until you have reached your desired weight. Even after losing weight and attaining your goal, you cannot just start consuming these foods all the time.


All of them are packed with calories and can quickly increase your weight. Eating in moderation is the ultimate solution not just for weight loss but also for a healthy body. Sadly, over-consuming fried food and soda are the main culprits for obesity in the world which is the cause of dozens of life-threatening illnesses.