Life gets crazy busy more often than not these days, doesn’t it? Moving quickly up the career ladder to the top, trying to keep the fires burning in a marriage while chivvying children and keeping up with a house – it’s all very stressful. And that’s just not where it all ends, either. Being an adult always seemed like such a good idea, until you realise the freedom of adulthood comes with way more rules and responsibilities than childhood. And then there’s the stress.


Stress is one of the biggest primary causes of major health issues in life. Heart disease, issues with sleep and weight problems are always a result of stressful situations in life, and yet we are too busy to go to the doctor for an official diagnosis. Instead, we keep on keeping on and hope for the best. The key is to destress with a capital ‘D’! You may not have the time to meditate or head to a yoga retreat to get into contact with your inner self, but you definitely do have three more minutes to read this article and learn how to alleviate the stress that you’re feeling.


1. Be Present. Did you know that multitasking is a huge stressor? If you’re trying to run here and there to make people happy and get work done, you need to stop. Life is hard enough without trying to do it all but concentrate on nothing. Be in the moment with each task that you do and learn to slow down while you do it. There’s nothing good about rushing the process when you want to buy a new Novaform Comfort Grande to sleep on. Creating that stress-free space that you so want? Absolutely important to your own wellbeing and health. Be present. Take your time. Breathe.


2. Let Go. There is no use in trying to run yourself ragged over things in life that you cannot control. The Disney franchise has it right, it’s time to Let It Go! Fearing failure isn’t going to stop you from feeling stress, and it’s not going to stop you from getting things wrong from time to time. Learn to do whatever you can to destress and you’ll be a happier person for it.


3. Walk About. Your health can be improved exponentially by going for a walk, and a walk can also help you to burn off some of that pesky adrenaline that makes it hard to concentrate when you’re going through a hard time. A five-minute walk around outside can give you something to look forward to in life, and all it will take is you breathing deeply and remembering that you CAN do whatever task you are doing to get going again.


Of course, there are plenty more things that you could be doing to take down the stress in your life but starting here is a good a place as any. Take a moment to remember what you’re stressing about, then take it down and relax.