Like every other travel lover, I am a big fan of travelling abroad. However, like most people, I have my own particular tastes when it comes to how I like to travel. I don’t know about you, but everyone who I know who loves to travel, has their own favourite ways to holiday abroad, and I think that’s an important part of what makes a trip so personal – choosing how you like to spend your time.


Wherever I am heading off to, I usually prefer to opt for a self-catering option as having food allergies means being in catered accommodation can be somewhat tricky. Whereas, if I choose to go down the self-catered route, I can source my own meals – whether that means making them myself or eating out in safe restaurants I still feel safer knowing that I have control over what I am eating.


Bearing that in mind, when I go abroad what are my favourite types of trips to take? Below I’ve shared a selection of my favourite ways to travel overseas and why I love these options the most.


Glamping in the great outdoors


If there’s one type of trip I am a huge fan of it’s a glamping trip. Why? Because I love being outdoors and love the concept of a more affordable holiday – vacations don’t come cheap but this kind of trip always seems to be more affordable, regardless of where you are in Europe. (Spain is one of my favourite locations though, as the food tends to be safe for me to eat and there are so many different destination options.)


When I plan holidays to Spain, I usually look for a selection of self-catering, mobile-home holidays that offer camping or glamping. Eurocamp is one of my favourite options for this, as they are the UK’s leading European camping specialists, which means that despite having low prices, the quality of their accommodation and facilities is amazing.


Relaxing in a villa


When I fancy a more luxurious break, another option I love is villa holidays because these are self-catered and usually the villas come with their own pools. Of course, these are a more expensive break than glamping, so I do tend to prefer to glamp, but if I’m heading away with a large group of people, then the cost of renting a villa isn’t too high.


For out of season breaks when it’s a little too cold to be outside all the time, I often look at villa breaks. In the past I’ve managed to find a modern villa that is in the centre of the town I wanted to stay in and – get this – came with its own hot tub. How cool is that? However, in season this is often too expensive so I would usually opt to glamp, not only because of the more affordable price but because I love how close to nature glamping allows me to get.


Camping under the stars


If I’m heading abroad for a music festival, then usually I will opt to camp, either on the music festival site or at a local campsite. Why leave the music festival site? Because sometimes it’s nice to be able to get away from the hustle and bustle and relax properly, especially if I’m away with The Gamer Bloke – AKA the fiance. We like our own space, and camping away from the madness of an event is often a good call.


These are just a few of my favourite ways to holiday abroad. I like to mix it up a bit, so I always try different options and sometimes spend half a trip staying somewhere and the other half staying somewhere else.