I’ve worked from home for the past four years, and in that time I’ve learned a lot about what it means to work productively. Back when I was a recent university graduate, and I landed my first remote working client, I didn’t know how to work productively from home. Everything was new to me, the whole process was something I had never thought about before, and learning to work from home successfully was a huge adjustment to make.            


What I realised quite early on was that the key to working productively from home was having a home office that was designed to encourage my productivity. After all, if the space that you are working in isn’t a productive one, you can’t expect to work as well as you could do, can you?  That’s why it’s so essential that you create a home office that allows you to work productively because when you work remotely it’s essential that you know how to manage your time in an effective way and complete tasks in a timely manner.


So bearing all of that in mind, the question is: what does it take to create a more productive home office? Talking from personal experience here, these are the things that I believe it takes to design a home office that offers the ideal space for productivity.


Lots of natural light


Studies have shown that when it comes to creating the best working spaces, natural light is a key factor. So for me, my home office needs to have lots of natural light streaming in, to allow me to work to the best of my ability.


When I designed my home office, I lacked natural light so I considered investing in some new high-quality windows from somewhere like St Helen’s Windows. I looked at the different designs available and considered which option would be the best fit for the space and which would let the most amount of light in, which for me was of the utmost importance.


Minimalism is key


Another essential factor when it comes to creating a home office that is designed with productivity in mind is to ensure that the space is as minimalistic as possible. Studies have shown that working in a messy space can have a significantly negative impact on your ability to focus and complete work in a productive way.


This is something that I personally say is the case – at times I’ve worked in messy spaces and I’ve found it a total nightmare to get any work done because I end up being so distracted by what’s going on around me.


So when I design an office space, I always like to think about the storage space that is being offered, to ensure that I have plenty of room for storing everything that I need, and my desk space can remain wonderfully clutter-free.


Personalise the space


What I also like to do is personalise my home office space. After all, if I wanted to work in a bland and boring space, I would work in a commercial office. The great thing about having your own office space is the fact that you can put your own personal stamp on it. I personally find that this helps me to work more productively because when I like a space that I am working in, I feel better about it and can work more easily as a result.


I like to find little ways to add cute and quirky touches to the space. Usually, I choose to theme my home offices, to create a space that has a certain look and feel to it. My current home office is pretty and floral with bunting hanging from the walls and a copper and marble theme.


There you have it, how to create a more productive home office space.