In our lives, we only get one set of adult teeth, so we must make sure that we look after them as best as we can. However, sometimes accidents happen and dental emergencies have to become a priority. As a result, we must ask the question, how can we prepare for a dental emergency?


Below is a list of 4 different and very distinct ways that you can prepare yourself for almost any kind of dental emergency in advance, or even during, the procedure:


Keep calm and address the situation


The best way to prepare for a dental emergency is to keep calm during the situation. The worst thing that you can do is become panicked and scared about what has happened. Especially when the dental emergency is an issue with children, panic can often set in quite quickly. However, you must make sure to keep calm and work with the situation as best you can in order to collect any teeth which may have been broken or fractured and find the correct dentist who can help you with the emergency which has happened.


Find the correct dentist for the situation


With many dental emergencies, a whole variety of different dentists can assist you with your problem. However, there are a few emergencies that require a more professional touch. Depending on the situation that has occurred, you may require some cosmetic treatment after your emergency such as veneers or perhaps even surgery, which Ten Dental can provide. There are a wide variety of specialists and professionals who you can find in order to treat your individual ailments in a professional and caring manner.


Treat the more serious emergencies first


Although fracturing, breaking or even knocking a tooth out can be a devastating and painful experience, the physical trauma that often comes alongside dental emergencies like this one can often be more serious than the dental issue itself. For example, the dental emergency may have been a result of head trauma, in which case this issue must be dealt with first before the dental issue is resolved.


Your tooth can always be replaced with specialist equipment and professional care, as well as your own dental care after the emergency. However, more damaging bodily traumas must always become a priority when dealing with any sort of injury and its resulting dental emergency.


Create an emergency kit before the event happens


Dental emergencies are much more common than you think. From head injuries to simple everyday occurrences such as eating particularly sticky food items, dental emergencies can happen when you least expect them – that is why having an emergency kit is a wonderful way to prepare for the inevitable.


These kits can contain a whole variety of different items, such as:

  • Latex gloves
  • Ice pack
  • Pain medication
  • Mouthwash
  • Toothpaste
  • Salt
  • Tweezers
  • Toothbrush
  • Save-a-tooth kit, or a similar kit


And so many more!


Depending on what you wish to prepare for, a whole multitude of different items can be packed into your emergency kit in order to prepare you for any future dental emergencie