Travelling for business can often feel like a drag, especially with the long time spent commuting either by car or public transport, or perhaps plane, and all the hassle which goes with that. With the sudden change of environment, it can be easy to lose your bearings in the new town or city where you have ended up, and many people find that sleeping in a strange bed every night away from loved ones can be distressing and isolating. However, this does not need to be the case. Here are five top tips for a good night’s sleep when you need to sleep away from home.


Plan your commute with sleep in mind


When working away you will most likely be working to someone else’s schedule, so you are unlikely to be able to plan your travel around getting a good night’s sleep, but you can still take precautions. If you are not driving and will arrive late, consider avoiding coffee and other caffeinated drinks after mid-afternoon, so that when you arrive your body will be ready to sleep and not have excess energy to work off. If you are driving you should prioritise alertness on the road over cutting out caffeine, as tiredness kills. However, it is possible for most people to drink coffee as late as 20.30 and still get a decent night’s sleep, though this will be different for everybody.


Make sure you know where you are staying before you set off


It sounds simple but checking your destination and the route between where you are working and staying on your trip can save you precious time in the morning and make for a more relaxing night’s sleep. There is nothing worse than finding you have arrived late at night at the wrong hotel after a full day’s work and travel!


Make sure you choose the best hotel for you


Every business trip is different; if you are going to a town you have no particular interest in it can be best to find somewhere cheap and make sure you get an early night; or if you want to see a particular sight or a little of the nightlife it can be worth paying a little more to stay somewhere closer to where you want to explore. If you are bound for London and want to sample the shopping and musical life after work, hotels in Shepherds Bush might be your best bet, while a theatre enthusiast might want to look closer to Piccadilly.


Consider yoga stretches


When you wake up in a strange bed it can be worth taking a moment to get your bearings. Consider taking five minute or so to do a set of simple yoga stretches to warm up and work out any kinks that sleeping on a strange mattress can leave you with for the day. Doing a short set of exercises correctly every morning can pay big dividends in later life.


Stay in touch with loved ones


An obvious point, we know, but if you feel lonely on a business trip away from home, don’t forget to stay in contact with people at home. Whether you text, call, or Skype, that little bit of human contact can soothe anxiety and make you more relaxed for a good night’s sleep.