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Accessories can sometimes actually be the thing that takes your outfit from nice to having the complete wow effect. Dealing with accessories isn’t always the easiest of tasks, though: it can be difficult to know how much is too much, or if you’ve added enough. In this short list below, we’ve added some things that we consider to be timeless pieces that will pretty much work with any outfit and add life to it for every occasion.




These items are honestly so underrated, and the problem is that many women think they don’t suits hats, when in fact they look totally gorgeous in them. Of course, hats aren’t for everyone, and certainly can’t be worn with every outfit, but if you’re looking for a dressy casual look, then have a look for some hats, because they could really set off your whole look combined with a nice pair of jeans, some heels, and a simple tank top or t-shirt.


Clutch bags:


Many people think that clutch bags can only be worn with a fancy evening gown, but they are so diverse and can actually be used to accessorize most outfits. They don’t take up a lot of space, they’re simple, timeless and elegant.


Diamonds & Pearls:




You may have a preference to one over the other. While diamonds are going to give more sparkle to your look, and will work especially well with black evening dresses, pearls are simply classic and can really be used to pull off any look during the day or for the most upscale evening event. If you don’t currently own any, then maybe look at where you can Buy Pearl Jewellery or some diamonds, depending on which you prefer. Personally, I’m a handmade jewellery kind of girl, and will always opt for unique pieces of jewellery. When it comes to choosing jewellery, it’s all a matter of determining your taste.




Although I’m not typically talking about the big wooly scarves you use to stay warm in winter, those can also be pretty beautiful accessories during colder weather to complete a nice winter look, what I’m thinking about here, are thin scarves or wraps that can be draped over your shoulders on top of a nice simple evening dress, or even just around your neck for a bit of color and maybe to match your shoes and bag if you’re not much of a jewellery person.




There are honestly so many beautiful accessories that fall under this category that it can be hard to choose from them when actually browsing in a shop. Whether a more elaborate fascinator, tiara, or simply a well-placed clip, you really can’t underestimate the power that some simple headwear can have on setting off the look of your outfit.


So, whether you’re looking for something specific for some parties over the Christmas period, or are just in search of a new look that you can feel confident and comfortable with, then I hope that these tips will help show you that it’s not always purely about the clothes, but that the accessories you use can play a bigger role than you think.