Bedbugs are tiny flat insects that thrive on the blood of other animals. They are often found in hard to spot cracks and hiding spots like along the edge of a mattress, alongside a couch, on cloth luggage boxes and so on.  Bedbug bites can result in red rashes on your skin. Since bedbugs prefer to feed on exposed sites, most bites are seen on shoulders and arms. The bites are also itchy and can even trigger allergies among some people. It is no wonder that everyone prefers to keep bedbugs out of their homes. After all, haven’t you heard of the famous saying,” Sleep tight, don’t let the bedbugs bite!”


Keeping your home free of bedbugs is extremely important if you do not want to wake up with strange itchy red welts all over your skin. Unfortunately, many people make the mistake of bringing back bedbugs from a trip after a vacation. Bedbugs are notorious for their ability to hitchhike and expand their reach within a house and even across different locations. They manage to jump on to your luggage and enter your home without too much trouble. You, the unfortunate victim will discover the infestation after the bedbugs start increasing in number and leave behind signs of infestation.


Here are a few tips to make sure that you do not pick up bedbugs as souvenirs on your next trip:


  • Educate Yourself


Before you embark on a stringent protocol to prevent carrying back bedbugs, you need to arm yourself with more information about these nasty critters. You can do a bit of research on the internet to be able to identify bedbugs from other insects. It is also advisable to take a look at the different signs of a bedbug infestation.



  • Pack Large Trash Bags


Remember to include a couple of large trash bags in your luggage when you set off on your trip. You can seal your suitcases in these trash bags to prevent bedbugs from finding a way to your home via your luggage. Experts in the travel industry recommend placing your clothing and other essentials in smaller sealable plastic covers which can be placed inside the bureau drawers of your hotel room without worrying about bedbugs. These sealed covers are also very useful in packing for a trip and making sure that you do not forget anything at the hotel.



  • Inspect Your Room


As soon as you enter your hotel room, do not make yourself right at home. Take a few minutes to look for any signs of a bedbug infestation. You can use the torch feature on your smartphone to get a better view. Some of the favorite hiding spots for bedbugs include mattress edges, box springs pillow covers, behind and under the headboard, the nightstand, upholstered sofas or chairs, luggage rack and so on. Once you are satisfied, you can store your belongings safely and enjoy your special trip. However, if you do notice bedbugs ring the front desk and request another room immediately.



  • Store Everything Safely


Once you are sure that your room is bedbug-free, place your luggage on the luggage rack so that it is as far as possible from the bed. Remember to avoid placing clothes, laptops, laptop bags, purses or bags on the upholstered furniture. You can never be too sure when it comes to bedbugs.



  • Check Before Repacking


Once your trip is over, remember to double-check your clothes and bags for any signs of bedbugs. You can use the extra plastic bags you had packed to place your clothing in. This makes it easier to put them in the wash when you reach home as well.



  • Store Your Suitcases Separately


After you are done unpacking your luggage, remember to store your suitcases in large plastic covers away from the living area. Many people prefer to store their luggage in the garage or the basement, out of sight. According to the experts at, you can also use a portable heating device to give your luggage a heat treatment and kill off the bedbugs. After all, you can never be too careful when it comes to bedbugs.



  • Wash Thoroughly


Once you reach back home after your lovely trip, place your used clothing directly into the washing machine and wash it on the highest temperature possible. This will kill any bedbugs that manage to get through and catch a ride to your home.



  • Read Online Reviews


In order to avoid going to a bedbug laden hotel, it is always advisable to look up online reviews while booking accommodation. In fact, the majority of travelers depend on online reviews before booking accommodations while on a trip these days.


By following the above tips, you can avoid bringing bedbugs home. Unfortunately, there is still a slight chance that a nasty bedbug managed to enter your home without your knowledge. In most cases, people notice signs of bedbug infestation after they have multiplied in number. As soon as you start noticing unexplainable itchy red welts on your skin along with rust-colored spots on your mattress, you need to start the lockdown procedure to get rid of the nasty bedbugs.


Experts in the industry recommend sealing your mattress in a tightly woven sealable mattress cover and opening it only after a year. You will need to wash every piece of linen in your bedroom at the highest temperature setting on your washing machine. Remember to check electric sockets and other cracks in the room as well for any bedbugs that are hiding to pass the time till the cleaning session is over. In fact, bed bugs also use the electric socket to travel to different parts of the house and expand their taking over of your house.  It is essential to stay calm and declutter your home carefully to prevent the bedbug infestation from getting out of hand.


With bedbug infestation being very difficult to get rid of, experts in the travel industry suggest sticking to the above-mentioned tips as closely as possible to avoid having to go through the cleaning procedure, which can be a tedious experience.