Having a strong online presence has never been so crucial as it is right now. The current global situation has meant that increasing numbers of consumers are turning to the internet to fulfill their shopping needs. This rise in the number of consumers shopping online presents you with the opportunity to increase your business’s success, but you need to be noticed to do this. While you may already have a website and social media pages for your business, you will need to put them to work if you are going to stand out from the crowd and compete against the many other companies vying for your target audience’s attention. Enhancing your online presence is the best way to make your brand stand out, but it needs to be done in the right way. 


Assess Your Current Online Presence


Before you can begin to enhance your online presence, you need to understand its current performance. There are a number of key metrics that are useful to record here. Firstly, how much traffic is your website receiving, and where is this traffic coming from, i.e., social media, organic searches, etc.? How long do visitors to your site stay there, and at what point do they leave your website? How are your social media pages performing? Are you receiving much engagement with your posts? 


Answering each of these questions may sound like a long-winded process, but at this stage, it is crucial to build up a picture of how your current online presence is working and identifying where to focus attention when making improvements. This data will also provide you with a base level that you can use to monitor your businesses’ online performance month on month and year on year.


Improve Your SEO


SEO is a vital component for any business trying to improve its online presence. Without optimisation, the chances of your website being found by potential customers via search engines are minimised. Getting your website optimised for search is vital to ensure that potential customers find your website and to improve your SERPs.


If you are unsure how to optimise your website, it is best to get expert help to ensure that it is done correctly and doesn’t damage your online presence as opposed to helping it improve.


Create Engaging Content


Ensuring that you have high-quality content on your website and to share on your social platforms is a must to enhance your online presence. Engaging, useful content helps to attract visitors to your site and will keep them coming back for more. 


Including a blog section on your website is an excellent way to enhance your online presence as it adds value to your site that extends beyond the products that you sell. Creating relevant content that your customers will find valuable will help you to build your authority and showcase your knowledge and expertise in your field. 


Get Social


Once you have created high-quality content, don’t forget to share it with the world. Sharing news of exciting new products and the blog posts that you create can help you to build your presence across social media and introduce new customers to your brand. Don’t forget to engage with customers that interact with your posts, as this will help to extend your reach.


Monitor Your Progress


Improving your online presence is an ongoing task rather than a one-off job, so continuing to monitor your efforts is crucial to help you understand how your company is performing online with the new measures that you have implemented. To gain the most thorough idea of what is happening, it is useful to use the services of a reliable data provider such as https://bis.lexisnexis.co.uk/nexis-daas to keep track of every online mention of your business. This will help you assess the success of your PR campaigns and digital marketing efforts and decide which methods work best for your business. 


Using a data provider to monitor your online mentions is an excellent way to gather insight into both the positive and negative comments that your business receives. Although negative mentions can be uncomfortable to read, they play a significant part in helping to improve your online marketing strategy. Another main benefit of monitoring your progress through media searches and online mentions is that it provides the opportunity to calculate your return on investment accurately. Knowing which channels provide you with the best return on investment will help you to plan your future activity to enhance your online presence further.