pressies for him

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Okay, so Christmas is two days away, and you still haven’t got your partner’s Christmas presents sorted. It’s not that you haven’t bothered, it’s just that you’re struggling to work out what he would like. You’re not alone, I’m the same, I still have a few bits to get for my partner. I just find men so hard to buy for, as they always seem to already have the things that they want.


That being said, I have come up with a few gift ideas that almost any man is sure to love. So if you’re struggling to find him that perfect present, feel free to borrow one of these ideas.


Grooming products


For a guy who likes to take care of his hair and skin, grooming products can make the perfect gift. There are so many lovely products out there, from shaving balms to beard oils and scrubs, that there’s sure to be something that’s perfect.


If you’re going to buy him grooming products, make sure to opt for a nice brand. Why not spoil him with some designer products? If you’re going to get him beauty products, you can’t get him drugstore basics, you need to spoil him. For male grooming, both L’Occitane and Channel have some lovely products.


A day trip


How about planning an exciting day out for him? If there’s somewhere that he’s been wanting to go for ages, why not take him there as his Christmas present? It might not be something that he can unwrap, but if it’s to somewhere that he’s been dying to visit, he’ll love it.


If he’s been wanting to visit a certain city or try out some of the best theme parks in the country, a day out can be an amazing gift. Treat him to the day of his dreams, and trust me, it’ll be his best present. Don’t rush to decide where to take him, take your time and the perfect place will come to you.




Whether it’s a subscription to a magazine that he loves, or to Spotify or Netflix, a subscription can make the perfect gift. If you opt for a music or movie plan, you’re giving him hours of entertainment that can be taken wherever he goes. (If he travels a lot, this gift idea is, even more, ideal.)


Pick the perfect subscription package and he’ll thank you for it. Think about whether he spends more time listening to music or whether he prefers to watch television and movies. Pick the package that you think he’ll use and enjoy the most.


Hamper of his favourite treats


If you’re struggling for ideas, a hamper always goes down well. Fill it with all of his favourite treats and it will make the perfect gift. Think about what he likes, and stock up on all his favourite snacks. To give you a couple of ideas, if I were to make a hamper for my partner, I would fill it with Reese’s Cups, Haribos, Kettle Chips, Jerky, and wafer curls. These are all of the snacks that I know he loves.


To make it a little more exciting, as well as adding food, add some little gifts as well. Things like a new DVD, a book, some cosy socks, and a new mug, are all ideal extras. You could also pop in a gift card to his favourite restaurant to bulk the gift out a little.


Hopefully, these ideas have helped you to come up with the perfect Christmas present for your partner.