I’m not a mum myself, but I’m at that age now where a lot of my friends and relatives are starting to think about babies. It’s exciting because I get to be the fun auntie instead of the exhausted new mum – one day that will be me, but not quite yet. I’ve been thinking a lot about what cute little gifts new mums would appreciate, aside from the normal baby grows and flowers.


After a chat with a mummy friend of mine, who informed me that the best gifts she got after giving birth were pamper items. I’ve decided to put together pamper baskets for the new mums in my life. Of course, I’ll also get them the traditional babygrow and a cute toy for their new addition, but I want to put something together for them. Birth is a traumatic experience, so why shouldn’t new mums have something for themselves?



In case you love the idea of creating a pamper basket for one of your pregnant friends, I thought I would share the types of things that I would put into it. Hopefully, this will give you the inspiration you need to create an amazing hamper.


Cleansing and toning products


Acne facial care teenager woman clean skin


After you have a baby, your skin changes. All the hormones that are swirling around your body can wreak havoc on your skin and lead to all sorts of problems. From breakouts to dryness, having a baby doesn’t just affect your waistline but also your skin. That’s why a few cleansing and toning products can make a great gift for a new mum. As well as choosing a natural cleanser and toner, it’s worth adding some face wipes to the hamper. Face wipes may not work as well as cleansing and toning, but when you’re too tired for anything else, they’re incredibly handy. The best wipes to go for have to be Waterwipes as they’re all natural.


Face and body cream


face cream 4


To help the new mum keep her skin in good condition, some face and body creams are a good idea. It’s best to opt for ones that are natural and suitable for sensitive skin. That way you don’t have to worry about upsetting her skin. A body cream, day cream and night cream is all the new mum will need to keep her skin looking and feeling good. Products containing shea butter, coconut oil or aloe vera are all great for this as they’re deeply nourishing.


Bathtime goodies




For relaxing bathtime goodies, lavender beauty products are ideal. Bathtimes are for relaxing and unwinding, and what better way to do that than with a selection of lavender scented items? Bath bombs, bath milk, shampoo, conditioner, and body soap are all ideal pressies. Just make sure to use a brand that is suitable for sensitive skin. As after pregnancy, skin becomes more sensitive than before.


Non-alcoholic champagne and fancy chocolates




Last but not least, add a bottle of non-alcoholic champagne and some fancy chocolates. If the new mum isn’t breastfeeding, then normal champagne is fine, but if she is, non-alcoholic is the best option. If you know her favourite chocolates, add some of them. If not, a visit to Hotel Chocolat is probably in order – they do some lovely chocolates.


I hope these ideas have given you some inspiration for putting together your own hampers. Do you have any ideas that I’ve missed – let me know in the comments section below.