We’ve all been there; one minute everything is fine and dandy, and the next you and your beau are fighting like cats and dogs. Okay, you might not be scratching and hissing at each other, but you get the idea – something’s not quite right between the two of you.


Often, when the fiance and I seem to be in a bit of a rut, it tends to be down to life getting on top of us. Meaning that the stresses and strains of everyday life have started to impact on the two of us. We’re stressed out and tired, and so we pick meaningless fights and stop making an effort with each other.


The good news is that there are plenty of ways you can bring back the spark when life gets on top of you.



Spend some one-on-one time together


couple time


The reason you’re fighting is most probably because you’re not spending enough quality time together. Cleaning the house and doing the food shopping doesn’t count. When I say ‘quality time’ that’s exactly what I mean – giving your partner your undivided attention and spending time just the two of you. Making the effort to do this is well worth it, I promise! What I tend to do for quality time is plan an evening for the fiance and I, where we cook together while chatting and dancing to our favourite music. Sometimes we also watch a movie or spend the evening playing cards together. This really does work a treat for getting things back on track.


Plan a mini break


one on one


A change of scenery can make all the difference sometimes. Whenever my partner and I are finding things between us aren’t good, we try to get away. Whether it’s for a few days or just the weekend, it doesn’t seem to matter, we always feel better afterwards. Usually, we head to somewhere remote – Cornwall, Dorset, and Somerset are our favourite places. Getting away together gives us a chance to clear our heads, spend some time together and remember why we got together in the first place. Last time we headed to this cute little Cornwall hotel and spent a couple of days relaxing and exploring the area. It’s amazing how a short break away and a change of scenery can make a world of difference.



Have fun together


fun date


Having fun together doesn’t mean watching movies together. Yeah, movie nights are fun, but there’s plenty more you can do together. On your days off, plan dates doing fun things. Far too many of us make the mistake of thinking that once you’re in a relationship, you can no longer date – that’s not the case. Whether you choose to go out for dinner or head to your local trampolining centre, it doesn’t matter. Find a common interest the two of you have – the fiance and I love golf, and make it the thing that you do together. Whenever the fiance and I are struggling, we hit the local golf range and drive some balls. It’s a fantastic stress reliever, and we always have a laugh while doing it.


Relationships aren’t always easy. It’s natural to have good times and bad times. What’s important is how you deal with the bad times. To prevent the stresses and strains of everyday life damaging your relationship, make time for each other, take breaks and have fun.