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Set to get hitched? Then, while preparing for the wedding, make sure you have a particular theme in mind for the big day. This will not only ensure that your wedding has a coherent and unified style and look, but also help prevent indecisiveness regarding what flowers, menu, colour palette, invitations, and more to select.


Here at Château Bouffémont, we offer you the opportunity to book a beautiful and elegant French chateau which is near Paris and can make a fitting backdrop to weddings adhering to any of the following themes. Here are ways that you can cultivate those themes.


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Our venue, Château Bouffémont, was built in the nineteenth century and this is reflected in its design. Gorgeous features of the building’s interior include crystal chandeliers and authentic wood panelling. However, you and your partner don’t necessarily need to be besotted with Les Misérables or other aspects of nineteenth-century French history to make use of the structure’s beauty.


The building includes the 52-square-metre Dandy Lounge; the Chesterfield sofas and avant-garde objects in this space reflect Twenties and Thirties effervescence. This bodes well if you are eager for your special day to evoke the feel of The Great Gatsby.


Rustic chic


Bridal Guide explains three things that great rustic weddings have in common. These are a natural landscape, multiple uses of wood, and the incorporation of pieces that wouldn’t look out of place in a typical home or garden. However, you are advised to start with the right location – and Château Bouffémont includes spectacular manicured gardens and large grounds.


You, your partner, and everyone else at your nuptials would have exclusive access to those grounds – and the chateau itself – if you chose to use this setting for your rustic chic celebration.




Injecting a bit of the House of Mouse into your wedding can seem like an obvious approach if you are like many spouses-to-be. However, there remains a cleverness to getting it right. BuzzFeed outlines several unorthodox methods of strengthening your wedding’s Disney theme.


These include having rings onto which familiar Disney lines, such as “Tale as old as time”, are engraved. Tiny Mickey Mouse silhouettes could also be embroidered into the groomsmen’s shirts and added to the bride’s toenails. Kids at the wedding could be especially delighted – and, at Château Bouffémont, there will be secured grounds in which they can play.


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Classic romance


It’s so tempting to unleash your creative streak during the wedding preparations that you could easily overlook the appeal of returning to basics. A particularly strong risk of opting for a quirky wedding is that its style could quickly date; ideally, you don’t want to leave the ceremony captured in photos that make you or other people flinch in 50 years’ time.


So, don’t be afraid to consider a more classic and timeless style. The bride can don a fit-and-flare gown featuring some crystal detailing, while the groom can wear a classy black tuxedo. Now, imagine how good that attire could look with our venue’s refined interior decor in the background.




The French have a reputation for being romantic, so it’s little wonder that a French theme wedding can work well, as Wedding Ideas shows. Neat touches you could choose for the ceremony include highly fragrant flowers, some old-fashioned jazz, and bags of Fererro Rocher.


Sourcing various French-style accessories can be especially easy when you prepare at Château Bouffémont, which is only 30 kilometres from central Paris and its generous retail offer. This makes our venue a straightforward choice if you want a French chateau for your wedding which will itself be Gallic themed.