Long journeys can be both exciting and exhausting. Whether you’re traveling by plane, train, or car, the hours spent in transit can often feel like a wasted opportunity. A part of traveling is the actual traveling part before you even reach your destination, and chances are, during your trip, you might be doing a lot of traveling just to get from Point A to Point B. But you know what? Even the parts before you get to your destination can be special, too. 

These don’t have to be just some boring transitional period; they can honestly be so enjoyable, and sometimes these themselves can actually be one of the best parts of a trip. Whether you want to do a digital detox during this time or not is up to you, but at the end of the day, how you travel and what you do during your travels is definitely going to play a big part. So, here’s exactly what you can do to keep yourself engaged during those long travels!

Prepare for a Travel Playlist

Do you have Spotify? What about iTunes? Have YouTube Music? Whichever you use, having a solid playlist is going to help a lot. Honestly, a well-curated travel playlist can be your best companion on a long journey. Music has the power to set the mood, ease anxiety, and transport you to another world (and drown out unwanted noise such as crying babies). 

Before you embark on your journey, take some time to create a travel playlist featuring your favorite songs or podcasts. You can select tracks that match your current mood or even opt for a carefully curated podcast series that keeps you engaged and entertained throughout the trip. But in general, just as people going on a road trip need a spectacular playlist, it’s honestly going to be the same with you and how you travel; it just makes the journey all the better and more comfortable. 

Watch Something

One of the best ways to immerse yourself in a captivating story is by watching a series or movies. So, before you set off, make sure to download your favorite TV series or films onto your device. Sure, nowadays, a lot of flights (especially those that are more than five hours) will have inflight entertainment, but there’s never a guarantee that you’re even going to enjoy what’s on. So, it’s going to help a lot if you download movies from a streaming website or even learn how to download YouTube videos as well. So, in general, having a good movie or even a show to binge-watch is going to make your journey go by so fast!

Consider the Transportation

Not everyone has this luxury, but if you do have this luxury of picking, why not pick one that you’re going to enjoy the entire time? Instead of a plane ride or by car, why not opt for a special luxury-filled train ride? Instead of flying, why not opt for a ferry or cruise ship? Of course, it’s always going to depend on your route, timing, schedule, and everything else, but if you can make it more entertaining for you and even more memorable (even if it costs a bit extra), why not go for it?

Get Yourself a Good Book

Books are like magical portals to other worlds, and they’re ideal travel companions. Whether you prefer the tactile sensation of a paperback, the convenience of an e-reader, or the versatility of audiobooks, there’s a book format for every traveler. This will help you fall into a gripping novel to lose yourself in a different reality, learn something new from non-fiction, or let an engaging audiobook narrate a story that’s sure to captivate your mind (perfect for drowning out noise).

Podcast Paradise

In a way, this can kind of tie into having a music playlist since the whole point is to drown out surrounding noise, but the music just isn’t your thing, and if you’re really not into audiobooks either, then podcast could honestly be the next best thing. You can essentially consider podcasts to be a little treasure trove of knowledge and entertainment, too, of course. 

They cover a vast range of topics, from history and true crime to comedy and technology. It’s really all about what you’re into and how the presenters carry out their podcast, of course. Just be sure to download these in advance because a lot of podcast apps (like Spotify) require you to have an internet connection unless they’re downloaded in advance.